Heidi Cederlof Tucker

Heidi Cederlof Tucker

Life is full of stories.  Stories that teach and inspire us to be a little better.  A good story can teach a principle.  Soften a heart.  They are everywhere - and I notice them.

I grew up listening to stories on long desert walks with my Dad.  His stories somehow defined me - made me ponder who I wanted to become.  

And so I write ...

The beautiful desert of Arizona has been my home through childhood, graduation from Arizona State University,  and raising my own family.  I have four children and seven grandchildren.

My favorite getaway is a good long hike in the mountainous regions of Arizona and Utah.  My passion for hiking paves the way for quiet reflection of life's journey and compliments an eagerness to write and speak about it. 

When not at the top of a mountain solving life's problems, you will find me with friends and family at the bottom of the ocean scuba diving.  Between Mount Timpanogos and the Caribbean Ocean, I will always find a way to tell a story and teach a principle.