If Flowers Could Speak

Percy hand selected the flowers. They had to be just right.

Flowers representing beauty. An expression of love … for Ellen.

He turned and looked up the hill. Pulled his pocket watch out to check the time. Put one foot in front of the other. A five mile walk from home to the cemetery. Never missing a day.

A broken heart. He had fought the fight … alone.

They had sacrificed everything. Percy, Ellen and five children boarded a ship in 1888 from England to New York and then head west to be with the Saints. Finally arriving in Salt Lake City.

“All is well,” they said.

And then Ellen died. Just one short year later.   

Percy lost himself. Despair overtook the best of him. Others would have to care for the children. For years he could not cope. It was too much.

Then a tender mercy from God.

In the deepest, darkest moment of his life Percy stood and looked upward. His heart soft. A moment which caused him to ponder a better life. A life to honor his deceased wife and raise his children. His faith rose above his crippling grief and slowly he began to turn his life around.


They were a symbol of faith. Percy was a gardener by trade. It was his way of communicating to her that he had found his way back. That he had found hope.

And he walked the distance to tell her. Every single day.

Today we celebrate Memorial Day. A day to remember and decorate the graves of those who fought for our country.

It is much more than backyard barbeques and beaches. It is a tribute of respect and honor for fallen heroes.

Percy did not serve in the armed forces. But he fought a war.

A very real and personal war.

He paved the way for my family. We are here in the United States because he gathered up his family and left for a better life. One which he believed in. A life filled with freedom and opportunity. A place to worship his Lord.

He fought for me.

And so we honor him. Percy Edward Austin Chamberlain.

Named my son after him. Austin Chamberlain Tucker. Strength and a fighting, strong spirit that I wanted in his name.

 Aubreigh Parks Photography

Aubreigh Parks Photography

A heritage to be proud of.

That pocket watch – each name engraved as it has been passed down three generations. It represents grit, conviction, and heart.  A treasured token now in the hands of Austin.

Just one more thing.


In a Salt Lake City cemetery. Each Memorial Day. We haven’t forgotten. We continue the tradition.

Flowers representing beauty. Courage. Faith. And hope.

An expression of love … for Ellen.

And for Percy.