Servie's Song

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Servie's Song

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2018 Illumination Book Award

The true story of one mother living in Zimbabwe, Africa who encounters a devastating loss leaving her unable to care for six children. In a heart-wrenching sacrifice she surrenders to a desperate plan to leave her children and find work in the United States. It is a door which feels impossible to walk through. But perhaps, the only door which holds any promise.

Servie's Song takes you on an emotional journey of tragedy and heartbreak to an inspiring path of hope. This touching story is complemented by gospel principles which will teach and motivate you to grab onto your faith and move forward trusting that you are never alone. God always hears your prayers.

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"Some people are born to live extraordinary true stories. Others are born to tell them. And when they meet? It's heavenly. Servie and Heidi have created something beautiful and everlasting." Jason Wright - NY Times bestselling author

"Servie's Song is a beautiful, inspirational story of one woman's faith to find strength in the face of great loss and adversity. Readers will be inspired to do their own 'hard things' as they take a glimpse into Servie's remarkable journey and conversion." Ganel-Lyn Condie - Best-selling author of I Can Do Hard Things With God

"Through the eyes of Servie, we gain a deeper appreciation for the freedom and safety we enjoy, and take for granted. Her song of struggle and victory through faith lifts and encourages us to sing a song of gratitude for life's trials and blessings." Brock Booher - Author of Return and Continue With Honor

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