The Real Curious George

It is only minutes. A phone call. The door bell. Facebook.

What eventually grabs our attention is the silence. A signal that screams trouble. Ears perk up. Eyes dart back and forth.

The hunt begins. We frantically search the house room by room with the expertise and speed of trained professionals. Bracing ourselves for what we might find.

It is a search and rescue operation. For “Curious George.”

We want to cry and scream and laugh hysterically all in the same twisted moment. Grateful that the child is still alive and furious at the scene before us.

Twenty dollar face cream ... gone.


Toy keys jammed into the ignition.

Baking products and cleaning supplies reorganized.

And does anybody know a good plumber?

 Perfectly stated in the Curious George books -

And that man in the yellow hat …

Well, he is the definition of patience. And unconditional love.

What if curiosity is a gift?

As children, that wide-eyed look tried to take it all in. Soon we became mobile and explored everything and anything with our fingers and mouths. Tried to make sense of our new world. Leaving a trail behind us.

As adults, curiosity is a condition which makes us eager to learn or know more. Grasping new concepts. Wanting to understand. A life-long process of wondering.

Austin Tucker Photography

Austin Tucker Photography

What is my purpose? Is there a better path for me? Is there really a God? And does He know me?

Curiosity causes us to ponder. To question. And to seek. Isn’t that why we are here? To give thought to new journeys. New and different routes that just might take us to a higher level. A brighter future.

Sometimes curiosity lands us in a mess. A situation that needs to be cleaned up. It is part of the lesson. Necessary to advance. Even as adults, we are all still growing.

We were all sent here with a beautiful mind.

And within it - the gift of curiosity.

Someone watches us. He sees that gift take us into new territory. Knows the predicaments we get ourselves in because of it. And cheers when we reach new heights as we continue to seek and then recognize.

I don’t know whether He owns a yellow hat, but I do know that He is patient. Never gives up on us. And that His love never ends.

Yes, there’s a touch of Curious George in all of us.

And that’s a good thing.

Valory Jean Photography

Valory Jean Photography