A Princess Within

The snowflakes silently hit the windshield. Everything was white. A blanket of purity. Beauty.

I carefully gripped the steering wheel as I pushed toward the hospital.

Just as the nurse had said – “Snow storms have a way of putting the world into labor.” There was no room at the inn. But finally one bed had opened up.

For my very pregnant daughter.

Soon we settled into our room. Watching the storm rage outside. The window a view into this winter wonderland.

Eventually attention turned from the outside world to life inside this little hospital room. A different kind of storm. One which would deliver the ultimate Christmas gift.


Aubreigh Parks Photography

Aubreigh Parks Photography

Complete with a wave of emotion. Majesty. A miracle.

Five-year-old brother and little sister joined the circle of love. Mom, Dad and three little gifts wrapped up as children. An eternal family. Joy beyond measure.

Tucker kids.jpg

Later that night I tucked big brother into bed.

“Tucker – guess what? Your mom and dad named your baby sister. Her name is Kianna.”

He pondered that for a moment. Looked directly at me and pointed his finger to make an important point.

“No Grandma. It’s Princess Kianna.”

Weeks later he still kindly corrects anybody who might try to shorten the name. Princess Kianna it is.

I asked Tucker about it. “Why princess?”

“Because Grandma - she’s a girl. All girls are princesses.”

Skye Murphy

Skye Murphy

I believe him.

As daughters of God we come from divinity. Nobility is in our soul. Sent here to love and serve and lift others up. Learning and becoming more like Him in the process.

Somehow the world’s distractions pull us away from that fundamental gospel. Pollution and negativity stain the perception. Of how others see women and how we see ourselves.

That blanket of white begins to show signs of discoloration. Life’s battles. Mistreatment.

Soon we forget.

The truth is - it’s not what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you think you are not.

Think again.

It’s up to us as women. We must dig deep. Look inside and remember our worth. Where we came from. And remember who we really are.


Every single one of us.

No matter where you live or what your circumstance.

Let's choose this year to remember the wise words of a little boy. The pointed finger. Wisdom beyond his years.

Lift your head. It holds a crown.

Perhaps invisible to the world.

But not to Him.