Finding Hope on Amazon!

Two years ago I took a deep breath. Lifted my fingers from the keyboard and stared at my computer screen.

For months I had been inspired to write. It consumed me day and night. And so I followed that prompting and poured my heart and soul into words.

Not understanding why.

I placed my fingers back on the keyboard and typed the final sentence. A final thought defining my journey. Your journey.

And then I wept.

I hold those memories close. Remembering where I have been. Knowing where I want to go. It is both exhilarating and exhausting.

Now I enter a new season. A desire to inspire and motivate and broaden my reach. An opportunity to share my thoughts with the world. Proud to announce this week that my book has been listed on Amazon.

I feel both a humbled heart and a skip in my step!

It has been quite the journey. Lessons to learn. A journey of hope.

Find yours now.

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