Dear Jim,

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you. One year ago today to be exact.

A quick kiss on your cheek and a whisper in your ear. A promise that I would take care of Heather.

A promise I’ll keep as long as I live.

It’s been a hard year of firsts.

First Thanksgiving without you. First Christmas knowing someone was missing. And watching those ridiculous movies … just not as funny without your personal soundtrack of laughter.

It’s also been a good year.

Strong boys who are finishing school and still playing football. You would be proud.

Your missionary came home. Wrapped his arms around his mom and hasn’t let go yet.

You finished Race #10. Thanks to a brother who ran and never stopped. A tribute that touched hundreds.

You have a new grandson. Named him after you. We will tell him all about you. Stories of your life. Your legacy. What shoes he has to fill.

And Heather … well she’s my hero.

Has taught me what grace looks like. Determination. Courage. And bravery.

There have been hundreds of hands holding her up. So many love her. Just as they loved you.

We all are trying to be just a little bit better. One day at a time. To honor you.

Be the change.

Think Jim.jpg

Reaching out to others. A pat on the back. A smile or kind word to those who are in need.

Making a difference. Something you did for so many.

And so we’ll all move forward. Days will now turn into years. You’ll be missed. But never forgotten.

We’ll dry our tears and look for the light. Knowing that you’ll always be near. Celebrating and cheering us on.

Time to find our path and forge ahead. Lessons to learn and hearts to soften.

Always remembering.

Until we meet again …

Love, Heidi

Jim Drishinski

Jim Drishinski