The BLACKest Friday

A vegetable steamer.


Men, women, and children grabbing and fighting over a kitchen appliance marked down in price. Behavior I haven’t seen since my elementary school playground days. Shoving, pushing, and pulling hair.

On BLACK Friday.


My first emotional response when my daughter showed me the video ...


A day of gratitude followed by this?

BLACK Friday represented a day where prices dropped to a new low.

Problem is … so did we.

Tempers flaring and priorities way out of balance. BLACK Friday – appropriately named.

Come on world. We can do better.

This is not who we are.

To quote a favorite movie –

You is not who I saw on video.

It’s time to step back.

Remember where we came from. Who we really are. And who we honor.

It’s not about the steamer.

It’s about Him.

So this month let’s grab a Christmas sweater. A little bit of tinsel. And strands of twinkling lights.

We have much to celebrate.

Thanksgiving and grateful hearts followed by a season of birth. A season of giving. A season of hope.

Serve Him by serving your neighbor.

Let’s skip right by BLACK.

And rejoice in RED and GREEN.