Be Brave

All eyes were on me.

They noticed the shoes. The hat. A quick drink of water. Watching my every move. And then I sealed the deal. Reached for my sunglasses in the kitchen drawer.

That single motion sets off fireworks. A celebration. Jumping and dancing. We will be going on a walk. And so my two companions and I set out for an early morning workout.

But today my heart would pound like never before. Into the desert just a short distance from my home appeared two unwelcome visitors.


My companions have seen them before. Watched as they slaughtered a previous pet. They know that coyotes are trouble. Witnessed up close and too personal.

And so the circus began.

Running in circles. Ferocious snarling. Hair raised up on their backs. An aggressive cockiness that put us all in our place. No amount of yelling on my part could deter the situation. Fiery darts of attitude which screamed “we are the champions … of the world.”

I stood still and watched the display. Along with the coyotes.

My fat little terrier who stands maybe a foot tall. Possibly as wide as she is tall. And an arthritic grandpa who’s beyond his 70th year in human years. Warts and all.

Bravery. Determination. Courage.

And a dose of crazy.

I chuckled to myself as the coyotes went one direction and we the other. How do we tap into that kind of fearlessness? A commitment to push forward despite the threat. Raw emotion which compels us to take the first step or to step again … and again ... when the odds are against us.

Write a book? I could never.

But deep inside I knew. Had to learn to push past the negativity. Walls of rejection. Doubts both heard from others and felt within.

Yet I was persistent. Single-minded. Unshakable. When I heard "no ..." I thought - "I'll find another way."

heidi box books.jpg

My son bought a camera. “I want to find peace,” he said. "Capture the beauty of the world." I discouraged him initially. Thought his time could be put to better use.

He looked past his mother's words and followed his heart. Heard a calling. Climbed mountains. Conquered his greatest fears. And soared to new heights.

Now he’s a professional photographer. Hanging from cliffs. Capturing the impossible shot. Traveling all over the world. Chasing his dream.

Clark Aegerter

Clark Aegerter

Bravery. Determination. Courage.

And a dose of crazy.

Why are you here? Find your gift.

You may not be a writer. And you may have a terrible aversion to heights. But there is something you can do to make a difference. People whose lives will change because you stepped up. It is conquering the fear that screams you can’t. And trusting your faith that whispers you can.

One brave step forward. In serving others. Career opportunities. Family decisions. Marriage. Finding your self-respect.

It's about finding a stronger partnership and focus. In Him.

He is the ultimate guide. If you’re on the wrong path, He will let you know. There will be dead ends. And if it is right, hang on tight. He will be your wings.

It’s a pessimistic world out there. It's okay. Embrace your crazy. Conquer your coyote. Use your guide.

And be brave.