Let's Get Real

Splendid selfies on Facebook. Color coordinated themes beautifully displayed on Pinterest. Always knowing just the right thing to say on Twitter. Social media has become the platform for showcasing perfect pictures of our very imperfect lives.

But I’m here to promote the truth.

There are days where everything works. Really good days. An image captured worthy of public viewing. And there’s nothing wrong with putting it out there. But let’s get real. Bad days do exist.

And I think they’re worth a view.

Moments in life when everything lines up and you hit that jump with perfect Olympic-sized intentions that suddenly go very wrong.

Austin Tucker Photography

Austin Tucker Photography

They all tell a story. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Stories of truth.

Newborn babies dressed up in bows strike the perfect pose. A picture that causes us to stop and stare in wonder. It’s beautiful and touches the heart. Worth all the effort to orchestrate the moment. But let’s get real. And acknowledge the other days.

(Aubreigh Parks Photography)

Don’t even get me started on Valentine’s Day.

The Hallmark Channel showcasing romantic comedies where love happens at first sight. Perfectly beautiful people finding their “soulmate” and living happily ever after in homes that most of us could never afford in this lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong. Love is worth celebrating.

Not the commercial kind. The kind that first began to blossom at the high school prom. And 35 years later still puts a smile on my face. The kind you won't find on any Pinterest page.

A heart-felt sentiment to my husband this year … if you can laugh at it, you can live with it.

Real relationships are built on commitment, compromise, and a dash of humor. Umm ... better make that two dashes.

So this month when bombarded by sappy movies, pictures of roses, chocolates and your neighbor's romantic Caribbean getaway, don't be fooled. We all get mud on our face. We all fall on our head. And we all have days that test our patience.

They just aren't plastered on Facebook.

We are in this together. Spiritual beings here on a mortal journey. A journey filled with imperfection. A journey meant to build our potential.

Let's get real and love ourselves and others. Imperfections and all.

Just as He does.