Ten Little Toes and One Soft Heart

The air was filled with joy.

Happy faces. Laughter and excitement. We eagerly rushed about the little room gathering up belongings and packing them into bags. Don’t forget the flowers. So many details. Our destination …


This new little boy was about to venture out beyond these hospital walls for the first time in just a few short days of life.

It had been a beautiful delivery. Ten perfect little toes. A cesarean section resulting in a loud cry and great sighs of relief for a healthy mom and baby. And a dad who stayed on his feet throughout.

After four days of celebration we were ready to move forward. We clapped our hands in anticipation and scurried about picking up booties, diapers, and dozens of necessary items required for newborn care. “The nurse should be here any minute with final release papers …”

Suddenly there was a tiny knock on the door.

An older man and woman opened the door just a crack. Kind expressions and gray hair defined years of character and service. We heard a quiet voice –

“Would you like the sacrament?”

Was it Sunday? After spending four days in a hospital room, time and days of the week belonged to another dimension. A dimension outside these walls. The question caused us all to stop. An abrupt change of mood filled the room. We all swallowed hard.

“Of course. Please come in.”

The gentleman pulled out a piece of bread and broke it into several pieces. He reverently bowed his head and began – “Oh God, Thee Eternal Father …”

Together we pulled together in prayer. Expressions softened. Hearts full as we participated in this sacred ordinance. My daughter wrapped her arms around her new son and pulled him in close.

How many times in over fifty years have I heard those same words? I have years of church attendance under my belt. A familiar prayer heard every Sunday.

But today those words took on a deeper, sweeter meaning.

A tender spirit filled the room. With tears rolling down our cheeks we considered both the gift of our Savior and the gift of this new little member of our family. A simple, yet sacred prayer. And a beautiful message to always remember ...

Another baby boy.

One who came here a long time ago. One who lived and loved and taught. One who died for us.

And all He asks is that we remember.

A promise that I will never forget.

One small hospital room. Ten little toes. My heart a little softer now. How blessed I was to attend …

The best sacrament meeting ever.