Have a Good Day ... or Not

I woke up and felt the familiar churning in my gut.

Too much to do. Not enough hours. Family struggles. The daily battle of balance, priorities, and that nagging sense that maybe life is a little bit too hard …

So I pulled my head off the pillow, threw on some workout clothes, and drove to the mountain. A necessary physical routine to keep myself emotionally sane.

Heading up the trail it was the usual “good morning” or “have a good day” as I passed fellow hikers. A simple courtesy. But today it would be different.

I moved over to make room for the gentleman heading down the trail. It was a steep and rocky section. I pulled to the side to let him pass. He uttered five words that caught my attention.

Make it a good day.”

Nobody had ever said it quite that way before. I pondered it as my legs burned and I hauled myself up the rocky ridge. To make it a good day assumes that I am in control. That perhaps I have the power to choose my own attitude and perspective on the day’s events.

Is there really hope and happiness every single day? Even if life feels broken and out of your control? Yes – if you position your heart to find it.

stress reach.jpg

It’s finding gratitude in the small things. And then recognizing it.

Do you have a warm blanket to wrap yourself in each night? Do you have running water? Do you have a friend? Did you notice the colors of the sunset? Did someone make you smile today?

It is controlling your response to what happens each day of your life. Consciously embracing a decided focus. Always remembering why you are here. Having an eternal perspective.

And it’s linking yourself to Him.

You are in control. Choose your thoughts carefully. Own the day.

Pull yourself out of bed each morning. Drag yourself up your own mountain. One foot in front of the other. And don’t just have a good day …

Make it a good day.