Lessons Learned From This Little Sister

It was a Friday night dance filled with fun, friends, and catchy music. It had taken some courage just to be there. All good times except for the guy in the white tuxedo. She saw him looking for her. His eyes searching the dance floor.

Heather looked for the nearest exit. She needed a getaway … fast. That’s when she saw him.

A nice-looking man sitting off to the side. He looked handsome. Safe. She rushed over.

“Can I sit by you so that guy will leave me alone?” she asked. “Which guy?” he inquired. “See that guy in the white tux?”

His eyes scanned the room.

“I have a tux just like that at home in my closet,” he replied.

It caught Heather’s attention. A sense of humor. She pulled him onto the dance floor.

And so, began a beautiful love story. A story which started with a game of hide and seek from a white suit and was later celebrated with her prince in a dashing shade of gray.

A happy couple. And a beautiful garden wedding with family surrounding them. Love was in the air.

Heather’s story is like any fairy tale. Ups and downs. Tragedy and triumph.

This little sister lost her husband a few years ago. It rocked our family’s world and destroyed hers. A heart-wrenching trial. And a feeling that all hope was gone.

But this big sister watched this little sister pick up the pieces and move forward. Grab onto her boys and search for a new life. Dig deep and discover incredible courage. Slowly she began to open her heart again.

This big sister learned something watching this little sister. Something she'll never forget.

God was in the details. He was in every chapter. He lifted her up and never let go. Heather felt it. I felt it. We all did.

Stop, breathe, and listen. There's a symphony in the background. Individual instruments coming together to make beautiful music once again.

And the conductor is Him.

Life’s struggles are surely not over. There are two lives to blend. But they’ll work on this together … with Him.

It’s good to see this little sister love again. I hear the violins. And that fabulous smile is back.

On her heart.