Every Second Counts

2:30 am

I heard the doorknob turn and the bedroom door open a crack.

My heart jumped and I sat up quick. A reaction learned many years ago when he had bad dreams. Needed that last drink. Or just wanted a late-night snuggle.

“Mom – we’re going to the hospital.”

It was my little boy – all grown up now. Hours away from becoming a dad.

Some say where did the time go? It's all a blur ...

Nope. I remember all of it. Every detail tucked up tight in my beating mother heart.

A desert toad caught in a rain puddle. Spectacular soccer moves caught on film. The finish line at the cross-country race. The smile on his face shining as bright as the medal hung around his neck.

This little boy is now a foot or two taller. Strong hands. A soft heart.

He found a beautiful wife. Ready to grab her hand and take a new path. One which would eventually expand their family unit.

I’ve cheered on the sidelines through all the years. Every single minute. Whether life’s disappointments dealt a fall in the mud or a victory dance on the field. Embraced and felt it all with my mother heart and soul.

Every second important because when you add it all up – it’s who he is. Minutes and hours building the man he has become.

Now we watch the clock on the wall of a delivery room at the hospital. Minutes measure contractions. Time becomes the focal point.


An interval of time filled with a twisted combination of pain, joy, exhaustion, and elation. It is physical. It is emotional. But most of all – it is spiritual. The ultimate, tender moment when your soul feels a new presence.

The moment when two becomes three.

Beau Chamberlain Tucker. A good strong name. A family middle name representing commitment and courage to do what is right.

It's another chapter in my book of time. Number eight in my little grandchildren tribe. Another one to wrap my arms around and love. Treasured moments grabbing small hands and counting little toes.

Heidi beau.jpeg

It’s also another chapter in this new dad’s life. Number one in his count. Together he and his beautiful wife will love and hold and teach their tiny son ... minute by minute. Teach the lessons of life. And teach about Him.

Austin Tucker Media

Austin Tucker Media


Minutes and hours defining a space. An event. An eternal bridge which connects relationships. Something that we’ll take with us into the next life. Minutes and hours spent loving. Time defining who we will become.

Let’s remember to embrace it. Respect it. Cherish it.

Every second counts …